23 June 2021

23 June 2021 - Amanda Seyfried - Little House

In 2012, I first posted music performed by Amanada Seyfried on Totally Covered.  The songs were from  a movie in which she had acted - Mamma Mia! - and inspired by another - Red Riding Hood.  These covers were, in a word, amazing.  Both of them.  The latter is still on heavy rotation for me, and the former was so good, I posted it again, unapologetically, on this blog.  

When I wrote that original post, I made a bit of a flippant comment - "A reminder that this is the same person who played the dumb blonde in Mean Girls".

Which is true.  She did.  

She has since been nominated for an Academy Award  (for Mank), and has continued to demonstrate that she is both a talented actress and musician with great depth.   Seyfried's discography is absolutely loaded with covers - many tied to her movies - but this song, from her 2010 film Dear John, is not only not a cover, SHE wrote it.  

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