01 June 2021

1 June 2021 - Cœur de Pirate - Plan à trois

It has been a hell of a year already for Béatrice Martin.  

She bought her record label - Dare To Care Records - and renamed it Bravo Musique.  SHe is now its owner, President, and A&R Director.... 

She had vocal cord surgery - to treat a hemorrhagic polyp. She seems to have recovered, although it left her completely silent for a while..   

She dropped a surprise instrumental album on April 30th (Perséides), recorded while she was recovering from vocal cord surgery.  It's a delight.  Highly recommended. I cannot stop listening to it. 

Plus she keeps getting featured on this blog written by some silly American fellow who discovered and fell in love with her music accidentally.  Seriously.  We've posted more Cœur de Pirate music here than any other artist thus far - this is the fifth post and I promise you there will be at least a 6th.  I want to make sure I say that loud enough for the people in the back.  A French-languange artist is making compelling, catchy music that transcends language barriers - again and again.  

And today, I am launching a campaign to make this single, released May 28th, 2021, the 2021 Song of the Summer, in the United States.  This is a catchy, mature, piano-synth heavy song that really deserves a lot of attention.  

Whether I am successful or not, this song is MY Song of the Summer, because it is a delight.  

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