07 June 2021

7 June 2021 - Lorde - Perfect Places

Next week, we post our 1,000th blog entry.  Let's spend some time looking back on some of the more important posts on this blog.

Lorde has always been popular on this blog.  Our post about her song "Tennis Court" is the most popular by any solo artist on here.  You would have thought it would be a different song, but no.  Every Lorde post has done well, though.  

In 2017, Lorde released her long-awaited 2nd album, Melodrama.  She hasn't released anything since, despite the critical acclaim she received for songs like this, which was co-written by Lorde and Jack Antonoff.  

While this song didn't chart in the US, it was a minor hit worldwide... and it's an incredible, epic song.

Lorde performed this song live many times, in different versions.  In this version, she stripped it down, making it less epic and more intimate.  I almost like it better. 

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