29 March 2023

29 March 2023 - Once A Tree - Breakdown

When you dig into Canadian music, you find stuff.  I found this group while researching another post - for reasons that will become clear in a minute.  

Take this musical duo, Once A Tree.  A husband-and-wife duo, and named by Rolling Stone as one of the new artists you need to know, they met while both separately leaving their religion, Jehovah's Witnesses, and used their excommunication from their separate communities  to fuel their musical creativity.

Once A Tree's music has been described as a blend of electronic, pop, and R&B. Their lyrics often touch on themes of love, loss, and self-discovery, as well as issues related to Indigenous identity and cultural preservation.

This song, from their 2017 album Phoenix, was produced by Hayden John Wolf, who also co-wrote the song.  He also happens to be half of the duo, alongside his wife, Jayli, who is the other vocalist for the duo and who also co-wrote the song.   It is a hauntingly beautiful and heart wrenching song, about turmoil and what looks like a near-breakup surrounding great loss.

I cannot recommend it enough.

28 March 2023

28 March 2023 - Cœur de pirate - Tu peux crever là-bas

Aujourd'hui, nous allons parler d'une chanson de Cœur de pirate qui a été largement ignorée, mais qui mérite d'être mise en avant : "Tu peux crever là-bas".

"Tu peux crever là-bas" est une chanson triste et émouvante qui raconte l'histoire d'une personne qui essaie de surmonter une rupture difficile. La chanson commence par des accords de piano mélancoliques et se développe en une ballade douce-amère qui met en valeur la voix fragile et expressive de Cœur de pirate.

Les paroles de la chanson sont sombres et poignantes, exprimant le désespoir et la douleur ressentis après une rupture amoureuse. Cœur de pirate chante : "Tu peux crever là-bas / Je ne te retiens pas / J'essaie juste de faire passer le temps / Avant de tout abandonner".

La production minimale de la chanson permet à la voix de Cœur de pirate de briller, capturant toute l'émotion et la vulnérabilité de l'artiste. La chanson est un témoignage de la profondeur et de la qualité du talent de Cœur de pirate en tant que musicienne et chanteuse.

Bien que "Tu peux crever là-bas" ne soit pas aussi connue que certains des autres hits de Cœur de pirate, elle reste une chanson puissante et émouvante qui mérite d'être découverte. Si vous cherchez une chanson pour vous consoler après une rupture, ou simplement pour vous plonger dans un état de réflexion mélancolique, "Tu peux crever là-bas" est un excellent choix.

(you didn't actually think we'd not post her twice this month, did you?)

27 March 2023

27 March 2023 - Carly Rae Jepsen - Western Wind

I didn't have strong feeling about this song, except that I liked it and I really wanted a folky song to highlight Carly Rae Jepsen, and this song fit the bill.   

So, I let ChatGPT write the rest of this post.  I'm embarrassed to say it writes better than I do.  

Carly Rae Jepsen has made a name for herself in the music industry with her catchy pop songs and infectious melodies. While she's known for hits like "Call Me Maybe" and "I Really Like You," one of her lesser-known tracks, "Western Wind," is definitely worth a listen.

"Western Wind" is a dreamy, synth-pop ballad that showcases Jepsen's ability to craft a memorable melody. The song's opening line, "I get lost in the memory / Of what it felt like when I loved you," sets the tone for the rest of the song as Jepsen explores the emotions of a past relationship.

The song's production, which features twinkling synths and a driving beat, creates a dreamlike atmosphere that perfectly complements the wistful lyrics. Jepsen's vocals are delicate and vulnerable, conveying the raw emotions of the lyrics without ever feeling over-the-top or melodramatic.

While "Western Wind" may not have been a hit on the charts (editor's note: it was in Japan), it's a gem that showcases Jepsen's songwriting and vocal talents. The song's intimate lyrics and dreamy production make it the perfect soundtrack for a rainy day or a quiet night in.

If you're a fan of Carly Rae Jepsen's poppy sound, give "Western Wind" a listen. It's a hidden gem that proves Jepsen is more than just a one-hit wonder.

well, shit, ChatGPT wrote better than I do.

26 March 2023

26 March 2023 - Tommy Genesis - 100 Bad

Tommy Genesis is the type of artist that plays the Pornhub Awards.

That's true.  She absolutely did that.  

No, they weren't held in Canada.  She had to cross a border to attend.  

Yes, she's Canadian.  Vancouver.  

Tommy Genesis is a literal walking embodiment of a Wicked Guilty Pleasure, and "100 Bad" is her supporting evidence. This song is like a car crash: you know it's bad, but you just can't look away. It's a mesmerizing, hypnotic track that sucks you in from the very first beat.

The song is built around a sparse, bass-heavy beat that throbs throughout the track. Over this beat, Tommy Genesis lays down a series of blunt, confrontational verses that are delivered with an unapologetic swagger. The production is minimalistic, but it's incredibly effective in creating a menacing, almost eerie atmosphere that perfectly matches the song's dark themes.

Lyrically, "100 Bad" is a celebration of bad behavior. It's all about living life on the edge, taking risks, and doing whatever you want, consequences be damned. The chorus is catchy as hell, with Tommy Genesis repeating the refrain "I'm 100 bad, bad, bad" over and over again. It's a simple, effective hook that will get stuck in your head for hours on end.

Of course, the subject matter of "100 Bad" is not for everyone. The song is full of explicit lyrics and graphic descriptions of sex, drugs, and violence. It's not a song you'd want to play for your grandmother, unless your grandmother happens to be a badass who loves a good bassline.

Despite its controversial content, there's no denying that "100 Bad" is a great example of Tommy Genesis' unique sound and style. She's a boundary-pushing artist who's not afraid to take risks and challenge the norms of the music industry. Love it or hate it, "100 Bad" is a track that demands your attention and refuses to be ignored. So go ahead and indulge in this guilty pleasure – just be sure to turn down the volume if your boss walks by.

25 March 2023

25 March 2023 - Les Louanges - Qu'est-ce que tu m'fais

Les Louanges is a Canadian band that has been making waves in the music industry with their unique sound and undeniable talent. One of their most popular songs is."Qu'est-ce que tu m'fais".

Les Louanges is a band from Quebec, Canada, and they have been creating music that is both innovative and captivating since their inception. The band consists of lead singer and guitarist Vincent Roberge, bassist and keyboardist Philippe Fleury, drummer and percussionist William Côté, and saxophonist and keyboardist Mathieu Leclerc.  You know we love a band with a saxophonist.

Their music is characterized by a blend of genres, including jazz, rock, and pop. They use a variety of instruments to create their unique sound, and their lyrics are often introspective and thoughtful.

It's easy to see why this song is so well-received. The song begins with a simple beat and a catchy guitar riff, but it quickly evolves into a complex and layered composition. The lyrics are in French, and they explore themes of love, desire, and the ups and downs of relationships.

The song has a distinct Canadian flavor, with lyrics that are both poetic and introspective. The band's use of multiple instruments and intricate arrangements adds depth to the song, and it is a perfect example of their unique style.

Les Louanges is a truly special band.  Check them out!

24 March 2023

24 March 2023 - The East Pointers - Save Your Lonely

For those who haven't been here for a while, you might not have heard of The East Pointers, 2017 Juno Award winners and 2023 nominees, and Canadian treasures.  

We last posted about this great folk group in 2021, during our first #MapleLeafMarch.  Since then, there has been huge changes for the greatest folk group to ever come out of Prince Edward Island - and unfortunately, the biggest one isn't positive.  

Founding member Koady Chaisson passed away in January 2022, while the group was working on their latest EP, House of Dreams.  Koady did work on all seven songs on the EP before he passed, which means his music and his image live on in this song and video.  

As of this writing, we have heard that the band is going to continue as a duo, and we hope they do for years to come - because they're making wonderful, award-worthy music. 

23 March 2023

23 March 2023 - Alessia Cara - Scars To Your Beautiful

During Maple Leaf March, I recognize that I feature a lot of artists that haven't really been heard outside of Canada.  They SHOULD be guilty pleasures everywhere, but in a lot of cases, they just aren't.

Today's artist is not one of those.

Alessia Cara of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, has three top 10 hits in the US. This is one of them, hitting #8 on the pop chart in 2015.  It is a huge body positivity anthem.  It is, however, not your typical "you're beautiful just the way you are" anthem.  It discusses cutting, depression, and eating disorders - all real things that affect so many people.  

The video features real people struggling with all of these things - and if you look closely, you'll see another pop star - JoJo - among the real people, because being somewhat famous doesn't make these issues go away.

We found a pretty cool performance of this song, from the 2017 VMA awards.  We love how Cara starts all made up and ends up without makeup or a fancy dress.  It's quite neat.