09 August 2017

9 August 2017 - Glen Campbell - Galveston

As many of you know, I am a very big fan of Glen Campbell.  So I am sad about his passing.  He was a fine musician, a fine songwriter.

I know the man had his demons, especially his well-publicized drug-fueled romance with Tanya Tucker.  Since the mid-80s, when he married his wife, Kim, these (as well as the substance abuse) seem to have been behind him, thankfully.  By all accounts, he was a wonderful husband and father to his three children with Kim.

So why did I choose "Galveston", a song he didn't write, or even originally perform (Don Ho!) as the song to pay tribute?  It speaks to his strong, emotive voice,  and his creative storytelling.  Glen Campbell did make a lyrical change in the 2nd verse to make it his own.  It's a truly beautiful song, and a fitting tribute.