10 June 2021

10 June 2021 - Poppy - Eat

The best laid plans sometimes get disturbed by new releases.  Indeed, in this little review of the first 1000 posts, I had not intended to highlight Poppy, who isn't someone we've posted MUCH on this blog, but who has been an interesting and unusual force in the recording industry and performance art.  Not that she doesn't deserve the attention - she's been featured previously on this blog.  We just haven't found a place to slot her in more. There's a lot of guilty pleasures, folks!!!!  

However, I promised myself that I would post this at the soonest opportunity I could, as soon as it was released.  

Poppy first performed this song on the 63th GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony, unexpectedly debuting a new song as opposed to the song for which she was nominated.  She finally released it on Tuesday (June 8th, if you are reading this later) as part of the Eat EP, which is a sonic wonder in and of itself.   The song is an angry, appealing, noisy revelation.  

This did bump another post, but we will feature that at a later date.  Don't worry.  

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