17 June 2021

17 June 2021 - Charli XCX ft. Kim Petras and Jay Park - Unlock It (Lock It)

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you probably expected a Charli XCX song to be the 1000th post.  Long-time readers of this blog will recall that I used to post about Charlotte Aitchison more than I even post about Béatrice Martin now.  That MAY be the only time those two artists will ever be mentioned in the same sentence. Trust me.  I Googled that. 

Anyway, this isn't the 1000th post.  It's number nine hundred and ninety nine.

In 2013, I thought Charli was ahead of her time.  Her 2013 album True Romance was a revelation - at the time, I said, and I quote, " Every single song can stand alone - and several have as singles - but the sum of all the parts - a dark pop gem that teeters between love and heartbreak - is so much greater."  Its follow-up Sucker was solid. Of course, there was also "Fancy".... you know, the post where I admitted I had a Charli XCX problem.

Remember when I consider an all-Charli XCX blog?  Good times.  

Then came Vroom Vroom.   The post I did about this song on September 1st, 2016 is the last time I posted about Charli XCX.  I had misgivings about the song but spun it positive.  Still, I found this period to be a step in a direction in which I wasn't interested - her subsequent single just didn't interest me.  So, I turned my back on this music, and, frankly, her catalog.

I even unfollowed her on Instagram.

In the ensuing years, she has released a couple of albums and mixtapes.  She's taken a stronger electronic direction, and a lot of it is really good.  I largely ignored her late 2017 mixtape Pop 2, and that was a huge mistake, because that represents her best work since True Romance.  

Apparently, though, I'm not the only one who missed Pop 2, because this video, released in April 2021, is for a song from that mixtape that has found a new life on TikTok.  It would appear that the world has finally caught up to this artist ahead of her time.

I'm not going to show you the countless TikTok videos that are set to this song.  I AM going to share a performance of the song, featuring Kim Petras, from 2019.  I have always had respect for the fact that Charli performs her songs live, and doesn't rely on a helper track for all her vocals.  Not every artist does that.  

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