16 June 2021

16 June 2021 - Taylor Swift - Willow

"Look what you made me do" - Taylor Swift in 2017

"Dammit Tony" - Scott Colvin in 2021

So I was minding my own business the other day. You know, doing normal Internet stuff before I headed off to work. Check Facebook, read a couple comics, update my fantasy baseball teams and lastly check Twitter. Big mistake (on the last one).

"Kinda want to bring @sneezeguard back to #WickedGP for a day so I don't have to write a @taylorswift13 post...." - Anthony D'Orazio @RedArgyle

Really? Called out on Twitter. I thought about it though and said, "maybe?" Sure I haven't done a Wicked Guilty Pleasures or Totally Covered post in like seven or eight years but it's just like riding a horse with three legs. Right? (By the way I left the kooshie blog world to run a Country Music website and then moved on to an outlaw country site where I seemed to only talk about metal or alternative bands, before settling in to "semi-retirement" after a stroke...seriously).

Could I spend an hour a week barely talking about specific songs while using the occasional clever reference? I don't know. Maybe...

So here we are...coming back stronger than a 90's trend.

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