09 December 2022

9 December 2022 - Suicide - Cheree

It's the holiday season, which means it's time for a significant uptick in perfume ads.   So, how you you sell something that smells in a visual medium that doesn't have an odor component?

In the case of Marc Jacobs, when selling the perfume Daisy (as in "fresh as a"), this is what they chose (for a 2019 commercial that seems to be getting a lot of airplay this year).  .

Creepy, right?

However terrifying I found this commercial, I found the music underneath compelling.  So, I had to do some digging, and found that it was a remix of the the song "Cheree" by the band Suicide. From 1978, the synth-heavy oft-covered song is considered "important" and influential, but isn't necessarily a song that was a hit.  Still, we'll take interesting.

Here's the remix they used in the commercial, by the way:

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