15 February 2016

15 February 2016 - Monster Magnet - Negasontic Teenage Warhead

Did you see the Deadpool movie this weekend?

No.  I didn't.  But those who did know why I am posting this, without reading on.  But you will read on, because I am about to drop knowledge.

02 February 2016

2 February 2016 - Tinashe - 2 On

My assertion is that Tinashe is the future of R&B.   She's got the right attitude for it, she's got a great voice for it, and she's got the perfect mind to craft a solid classic song.

Take this one.  Her performance in this song and video (mostly the backlighting)  has been compared to the great Aaliyah.  At such a young age, she has perfectly captured a song that will stay with you for years.  More impressive, it's a song that would live just fine a capella - the musical backing is sparse at best, and yet the song appears deep on the strength of her vocal.