02 June 2023

2 June 2023 - Kim Petras - Coconuts

In a prior post, I mentioned that Kim Petras had a cancelled album, and once that happened, she started leaking the music from that album.

Since I posted that, Petras won a couple of Grammys for her collaboration with Sam Smith, "Unholy".  

The single she released between "Future Starts Now" and "Unholy" was a song about her tits.  

Yeah.  I said it.  "Coconuts", in this song, do not refer to the tree fruit known for its white flesh and creamy milk.  There's no tree mentioned at all.  She is very much encouraging you to take a look at her margarita-tas.  

There are a ton of double-entendre jokes made throughout this song, which is super dirty - but because of the rapid-fire jokes, I felt sharing the lyric video was wisest.  

01 June 2023

1 June 2023 - CeCe Peniston - Finally

CeCe Peniston's debut single was released in September 1991, ahead of her debut album.  It would go on to become her biggest hit by far, becoming a top 5 hit in the US and topping charts worldwide.

Not only was it Peniston's first single, it was the first song she ever wrote, starting as a poem she had written.  While it was her biggest hit by far, it was far from her only hit, as she had a run of top 30 hits that followed this megahit.

The song is an upbeat delight, and you should enjoy it.

We're talking about this song in 2023, still, more than thirty years after its release. Surely, there must be something that kept the song in our collective consciousness that is appropriate for June 1st.

June is Pride Month, a month where we celebrate LGBTQ+ pride.  I'll talk more about WHY it's June later in the month, but know that this is a month where festivals and parades pop up around the world.  

So, why this song?

In 1994, there was a groundbreaking movie released out of Australia.  That movie was called The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.  The movie follows three drag queens as they drive a bus across Australia to Alice Springs and a huge booking. 1) I cannot recommend this movie enough. 2) This song features prominently in an emotional climax in the movie, as our heroes perform to this song in Alice Springs.  On the strength of that scene, and the iconic nature of the movie in the gay community, this song has become something of an anthem.

Anyway, here's the scene.   

Penniston has embraced her biggest hit's status as iconic song and her expanded audience.  Here she is performing the song at 2018 Vegas Pride.

Here she is at LA Pride in 2011.

31 May 2023

31 May 2023 - Berlin ‎- Sex (I'm A...)

Hello, fellow pleasure-seekers! Today, we dive headfirst into the scandalously seductive world of Berlin's provocative hit song, "Sex (I'm A)." Buckle up and get ready to embrace your guiltiest of pleasures!

Berlin's "Sex (I'm A)" burst onto the scene in 1983, immediately raising eyebrows and temperatures alike. This audacious track, with its bold and risqué lyrics, left listeners blushing and gasping for breath. It's the musical equivalent of a secret rendezvous in a dimly lit alley—raw, daring, and oh-so-naughty!

At the helm of Berlin's tantalizing tunes is the charismatic and sultry Terri Nunn, the voice and heart of Berlin. Nunn's seductive vocals and uninhibited performance style turn up the heat, ensuring this song etches itself into the guilty pleasure hall of fame. Her ability to exude both vulnerability and fierce confidence makes us weak in the knees.

Can we talk about these lyrics for a second?!  "Sex (I'm A)" tantalizes with innuendos and cheeky wordplay that would make even the most composed individual blush like a schoolgirl. With lines like "I'm a push and a shove in your thighs," Berlin masterfully combines sensuality and suggestive wordplay that leave little to the imagination.  In an era of post-Sexual Revolution conservative norms and whispered desires, these lyrics broke through the chains of societal restraints. "Sex (I'm A)" challenged the status quo, bringing sexual liberation to the forefront. By doing so, the song inspired countless conversations, pushing boundaries, and leaving a lasting impact on pop culture's perception of sexuality.

Despite its titillating subject matter and radio bans, "Sex (I'm A)" skyrocketed up the charts, taking the music world by storm. The song reached #62 on the Billboard Hot 100, on limited airplay. Berlin's audacity paid off, as audiences eagerly embraced the unabashed celebration of passion and desire.

Now, let's talk about the video.  Bathed in sultry red hues, it features Terri Nunn seducing the camera, leaving viewers both scandalized and spellbound. With its provocative imagery and bold cinematography, the "Sex (I'm A)" music video further solidified Berlin's status as pioneers of sensual visual storytelling.

So, enjoy this bold, adventurous, groundbreaking song.   

30 May 2023

30 May 2023 - Enigma - Sadeness (Part I)

Remember that week in the 1990's when we all listened to Gregorian chants?

Today, we explore the mystery of our collective quirky musical preferences to unravel the enigma surrounding the iconic song, "Sadeness (Part I)" by Enigma. 

Enigma is a musical project of Michael Cretu, with a revolving roster of supporting artists.  This song sampled Michael's then-wife, Sandra (a pop star in her own right), singing some French vocals, as well as some James Brown drum beats and a 1974 chant by Gregorian monks.  

That magical combination was a top 5 hit in 1991.  

Gregorian chants made the pop charts in the United States.

Yep, as many times as I say that, it doesn't seem real.

So, let's address that. 

While traditionally associated with religious ceremonies, Enigma fearlessly incorporated these sacred vocal arrangements into their sensual soundscape. Imagine finding yourself torn between spiritual reflection and seductive daydreams. It's a musical rollercoaster that leaves you wondering, "Can I pray and dance at the same time?"


The song ended up being groundbreaking, with other artists daring to blend classical music with modern beats to create something new.  But nothing beats the original.  

29 May 2023

29 May 2023 - Jack Black - Peaches

Many of you have probably seen the The Super Mario Bros. Movie.  I have.  It's the highest grossing movie of 2023 so far.  

Jack Black voices the villian, Bowser.  Bowser's motivation in the film is his love for Princess Peach, who rules over the Toad Kingdom.  This love ballad features prominently in the movie, and has become something of a hit in its own right, even hitting the Billboard Hot 100 and other charts around the world.  

It is intentionally performed in the style of a ridiculous, over-the-top ballad. This video, featuring animation from the movie, is one of two for the song.


The other, of course, features Jack Black doing Boswer-inspired cosplay.

26 May 2023

26 May 2023 - Jennifer Paige - Crush

Admit it - you almost forgot this song existed, didn't you?  

Well, released in 1998, "Crush" swiftly climbed the music charts, reaching remarkable heights around the world. It peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, solidifying Jennifer Paige's status as a rising star. The song's success was not limited to the United States but also spread across Europe, where it topped the charts in countries like Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Her status as a rising star would be short lived.  This, her debut single, would be her only charting hit in the United States (although she continued to hit the UK charts).  

That doesn't make it a bad song.  It just makes her a one-hit wonder.  And that's OK.  Few songs can boast the kind of international recognition that "Crush" received. It garnered extensive radio airplay and commercial success in countries like Germany, Sweden, Norway, and many others.  Are bad songs worldwide hits?  Certainly (although we love them, too).  
And this is not a bad song.  "Crush" seamlessly blended elements of pop, dance, and a touch of R&B, showcasing Jennifer Paige's versatility as an artist. This fusion of genres played a significant role in the song's widespread appeal, captivating listeners from diverse musical backgrounds and preferences.

25 May 2023

25 May 2023 - Bryan Adams and Tina Turner - It's Only Love

In 1985, Canadian hitmaker Bryan Adams wrote a song and released a single with R&B legend and resurgent superstar Tina Turner.  When reflecting on it with Songfacts in 2009, Adams considered this experience as one of the most memorable of his career.
Working with Tina Turner was amazing. I used to go to see her in the clubs when I was in my late teens/early 20s before she hit the big time. It was incredible to watch her. Amazingly when we toured together years later, I never saw Tina walk through a performance, she always put on a great show, and was gracious and grateful to her audience.It was such a privilege to have sung with her, especially since I was only 24 at the time.
I was not a huge fan of Byran Adams growing up (I appreciate what he did a lot more now), but this song always broke through for me.  The song takes a different slant on heartbreak - and talks about moving on  because, you know, it's only love, yeah, and that's all. I appreciated both the interesting lyrics and the dynamic interaction between Adams and Turner.