30 December 2022

30 December 2022 - Soundgarden - Rusty Cage

This isn't the last post of 2022.  

It is a good completion of a grunge tribute week.

This was the 3rd single off the Soundgarden album Badmotorfinger and it was an instant hit.  Featuring an odd tuning (the E string on Kim Thayil's guitar was tuned down to B) and really erratic musical time signatures and tempo changes, it had a unique sound that's very difficult to replicate - but that's what Soundgarden did - create unique sounds that were difficult to replicate.  

It's a song that endures, too.

As Chris Cornell moved onto solo artistry, he still performed his songs.  This particular song, however, was famously covered in the interim by country music legend Johnny Cash.... who absolutely took the song and made it his own, so much so that Cornell used Johnny's version of his song when performing it live.

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