12 December 2022

12 December 2022 - Millie B - Sophie Aspin Send | Soph Aspin - Are You Mad

So, a lot of you have seen this little viral TikTok video that came out a couple years ago.  I know a lot of you have seen it, because it is the most viewed video on TikTok.

Sixty million likes for a little head bobbing.  What did I do wrong in my life?

As it turns out, this was part of a series of lip sync videos released by TikTok star Bella Poarch, and this one just took off.  The story behind the song is a bit unexpected, though.

You see, Millie B was a 16 year old kid from Blackpool who inserted herself in the grime scene - which was (is) all about freestyle, with a focus on diss tracks.  That's right - this song is a complete and total diss track, and if you look at the title of this post - I used the original title and not what it's popularly called on TikTok - it's directed at the queen of the Blackpool grime scene, Sophie Aspin.  

You know, to get that information, I had to listen to a lot of grime.  Some of it is awful.  Some of these artists - including Millie B and, frankly, Sophie Aspin - are really really good. And, let's be clear - none of these children talking about "shitte head" are at all serious (Aspin and Millie B have collaborated on tracks after this was released).  

I felt it only fair to post Soph Aspin's reply.

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