06 December 2022

6 December 2022 - Missy Elliott - Work It

"Call before you come.  I gotta shave my cha cha."

By 2002, it was starting to not be so taboo for a woman to talk about sex in such an explicit manner.... but it was still a big deal for this song to hit #2 on the POP charts (for 10 weeks, which is a record, by the way).... which means it was getting a lot of radio airplay for a sexually explicit song....which Missy Elliott hid with sound effects (the elephant trumpeting, for example), but everyone knew what she was saying.  

But this song isn't just a bold sexual triumph.  It features some old school samples ("Peter Piper", "Request Line") as well as other classic songs ("Heart of Glass").  

And, let's be honest - we know why you're here.  It's not for Missy's badonkadonk.  It's the line "Ti esrever dna ti pilf nwod gnaht ym tup i."  Guys, she's not talking backwards.  It's backmasked.  And it sounds really cool, doesn't it?  

Whereas a lot of artists wouldn't have the guts to perform such a heavily produced song live, Missy Elliott did... many times.  Of note is her 2003 American Music Awards appearance, which turned it into a call-and-answer and featured a male artist doing her backmasking for her.

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