31 December 2022

31 December 2022 - Mary's Danish - Leave It Alone

So, here's some questions:

Why post a band that hasn't been together since the mid-1990's as your last song of 2022?  Why post a 30 year old song that isn't even available on Spotify?

I've stated earlier that I am a fan of Mary's Danish - one of my favorite bands of all time.  This despite the fact that the band only had three albums and a live EP (with a version of "Foxy Lady" as a bonus).  None of these albums were available on any streaming service.... and there was a good reason for that. 

You see, the masters were lost.  All of them.  

In 2022, the masters for their EP, Live + Experienced, and their first album, There Goes The Wondertruck, (some thought to be lost in the famous Capitol Records fire of 2008), originally released on the defunct Chameleon Records, were found in the Warner Brothers archives by Gretchen Seeger herself. So, now, we can stream "Don't Crash The Car Tonight".

This song is from their third album, American Standard.  That and their second album, Circa, are still missing, as they were part of the Morgan Creek records archives - a record label that doesn't exist anymore, although Morgan Creek FILMS does, and they do license music.  

So, in very much the John Oliver style, I have personally asked Morgan Creek Films for the licensing rights for these two albums - just in the hopes that they were open up their archives and find these masters.  Let's see if this gets us anywhere.  

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