09 March 2012

8 March 2012 - Positive K - I Got A Man

Perhaps one of the best known call-and-answer hip-hop jams of the early 90's.... except not really.  This song, +K's only hit, was born out of a duet he did with MC Lyte, called "I'm Not Havin' It."  That was good - this is better.

So who was the unknown female artist paired up with Positive K?  Well, it was not the woman appearing in the video.  In fact, thanks to the magic of pitch changing technology, Positive K sang the female portion of this tune as well.

That's right.  He was calling and answering with himself.  It's still really entertaining.

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  1. The best part of this video was the ad for the new Carrie Underwood record I saw when I clicked on this. I think I heard this video on the original Bevis and Butthead. ;)