22 March 2012

22 March 2012 - Los Del Rio - Macarena

Do they still play this song at weddings?  You know, before it was played at weddings, and before I learned that silly dance (although it beats the hell out of the Chicken Dance and the Electric Slide).  A big hit, that just kind of happened by accident to a couple of old lounge singers.  The version you all know is the remix as done by a couple of DJs called the Bayside Boys.


For the record, Vittorino is a brand of meat.  That girl's boyfriend is named Meat.

For those of you so compelled, here is the song before it was remixed.  It's still a beautifully done song by a couple of old lounge singers.  It's not quite the same song - at all.  There's no women and no boyfriend named Meat.  Just a girl named Macarena.... who's quite free to have fun with her body.

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