25 March 2012

25 March 2012 - Rilo Kiley - Portions for Foxes/Breakin' Up

OK, so we decided to change Non-Guilty Sunday to Guilt-Free Sunday.  I do hope you'll forgive us.

To celebrate the change in moniker, here are a couple of songs by one of my co-author Scott Colvin's favorite artists - Rilo Kiley.  Formed by a couple of former child actors - Jenny Lewis, best known for her work in the epic Shelley Long vehicle Troop Beverly Hills - and Blake Sennett, best known for the Nickelodeon series Salute Your Shorts - which was pretty funny, by the way.

Well, now they are best known for being in Rilo Kiley.  The closest this band - who had a large cult following -ever got to a hit was this song, which has been featured on the television series Grey's Anatomy on no less than two occasions.  It's a terrific straight-ahead rock song, the lyrics are clever, and I think you'll enjoy it.

Rilo Kiley got a major label deal and released Under The Blacklight (which Scott dislikes) on Warner Bros. Records in 2007.  Their cult following is enough that some fans got together and made this relatively well-produced and extremely well-choreographed video by themselves for a popular track off that album.  I think it's a lot of fun (even though Scott dislikes this album).  This is my second-favorite song by them, and the cheeriest song about a breakup I've ever heard.  I hope everyone not named Scott Colvin enjoys it.

Here's a little uncredited bonus for you.  This song, with a video courtesy of the CSU Chico film department,  is for my favorite song by Rilo Kiley.  Jenny Lewis, who has gone onto a solo career, does a terrific version of this song by herself, but with a full band backing her, it's so much richer and a little darker.

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  1. I haven't heard Jenny You're Barely Alive in forever. I have a version of it on one of my MANY RK boots.