08 February 2012

8 February 2012 - Black Tape for a Blue Girl - The Pleasure in the Pain

As far as music genres go, goth is pretty freaking silly (with the obvious exceptions of the Cure, Bauhaus and Siouxsie...and even those bands had their moments...another day maybe). Despite the silliness, I have my share of goth records including three by today's band. Musically, they are pretty cool, but the lyrics are remarkably cringe-worthy. Remember this skit on SNL?

Well, pretty much every song by Black Tape for a Blue Girl is like that. Some people buy comedy cds, I buy goth records.

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  1. Our albums are available at amazon, itunes, and of course from my record label: http://projekt.com/projekt/product.asp?sku=PRO00229

    from Sepiachord.com:
    the soundtrack to a cabaret hosted by Caligula
    It's been a long time since Lou Reed encouraged us to "take a walk on the wild side".

    Not surprisingly it's another New Yorker, Sam Rosenthal, who gives us a road map for our lascivious explorations: Black Tape for a Blue Girl's newest full-length 10 Neurotics.

    If you haven't checked in on this group in awhile you may be in for a surprise. It's still the result of Rosenthal's singular vision, but he's razed the group in order to rebuild it. Sam has carefully created a collection of songs exploring a wide variety of kink and perversion, and to perform these songs he's assembled a new band. Up front are vocalists Athan Maroulis (Spahn Ranch) and Laurie Reade (Attrition). Most notably Sam's found a very puissant partner in actually arranging his songs: Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls).