29 February 2012

29 February 2012 - Miley Cyrus with Johnzo West - You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go

Leave it to Leap Day for me to admit to something I NEVER thought I would -- I really like a Miley Cyrus song. Sure, Party in the USA was a fun cheesy pop song, but to admit to full on liking it? Yeah. Not so much.

Then last month, Chimes Of Freedom: The Songs Of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years Of Amnesty International was released. While I haven't heard the whole 4-cd set yet, I can assure you there are some amazingly talented performers...and Miley (I kid) paying tribute to Dylan. Admittedly, it's pretty hard to screw up a Dylan song (although I have heard a few stinkers over the years), but I think Miley nailed this one (it's all in her sweet and vulnerable vocals). So, yeah, I like a Miley Cyrus song...Give it a shot with an open mind, you may dig it too.

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