19 February 2012

18 February 2012 - Fiona Feat. Kip Winger - Everything You Do (You're Sexing Me)

Thank (and blame) Lita Ford for this one.  Once she started becoming a hitmaker by sexing up her songs/videos a little bit, a lot of other "rocker chicks" popped up.  Fiona (Flannigan) had been around for years, making serious rock music, but her only hit - or, at least, near-MTV hit - came when she teamed up with cheese metal prince-of-the-week Kip Winger.  And tarted up her music a little bit.

The sad part? Kip Winger might look just as pretty as Fiona in this video.  However, to her credit, she really did have a powerful voice, and it shows in this song.

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  1. This is frightening...and what this site needs to strive to find more of (myself included). Kudos. BTW, that fateful night of my first ever concert (Cinderella)...Winger was one of the openers. Yeah, I was there man when Winger and Cinderella came to the War Memorial in Rochester, NY.