26 February 2012

26 February 2012 - The Weakerthans - Tournament of Hearts

On the day that this is posted, the Scotties Tournament of Hearts - the Canadian women's national curling championship, and the greatest women's curling competition in the world - comes to a dramatic conclusion.  Team Scott from British Columbia will be taking on Team Nedohin from Alberta in the final, from Red Deer, Alberta.

So what better time to post the greatest song about curling ever written?  The Weakerthans are a nice little band from Manitoba.  This video was taped at a curling club - you can see a lot of old-time curling footage in this video, and even a Scotts Tournament of Hearts banner or two - it has recently been rebranded the Scotties.

And even though there is a lot of curling jargon and imagery used  in the song, the song is about a lot more than curling.  It's about a guy who is hiding from a conversation with his significant other.  He just happens to be hiding at a curling club.

Why this song wasn't a huge hit, I'll never know.

Now, for those who read my other blog, American Curler - I do need to update it, but I promise you that I will very soon - here is a bonus video from this year's Scotties provincial qualifiers.  Jennifer Jones, 2010 Scotties champion (and 2012 bronze medalist) is one of the best in the game.  Enjoy her shooting.