17 March 2023

17 March 2023 - Metric - False Dichotomy

The Juno Awards were on Monday.

Canadian band Metric were nominated for a couple of them, including Group of the Year, based in large part on their 2022 album, Formentera, their first in four years (back to that in a second). This was one of the singles off that album, and it's something of a banger in its own right.   While they didn't win, it's still an honour to be nominated.

Just because it took them four years to release anything new does not mean they didn't do anything.  In 2021, they did this thing.  That brought the band to an international spotlight once again, so it made a lot of sense for them to follow it up with something more than a limited pressing vinyl only greatest hits album (they did that, too).  

Back to this song and not anything from a Michael Cera movie.  This continues Metric's history of flashy, modern synth-rock, bringing a unique sound that actually works post-pandemic.

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