16 March 2023

16 March 2023 - Babygirl - Always

Last year, we featured a lot of new music.  One of the most popular posts we featured was by a band called Babygirl.   

We figured we'd check and see if they have any new music, and indeed, they do.  And their sound has gotten deeper and richer - a more mature Babygirl, if you will.  

This song was released a few months ago, and it is a pop-rock cool jam about breaking up and those conflicted feeling that still linger afterwards.  It's mournful and beautiful and bass-heavy, all at the same time.  The video was filmed in your mom's house a vacant house that was owned by a 100-year old woman who probably bought it for $40 in the 1970s (not my joke - it's from the behind the scenes video).  

By the way, the band has a new EP coming in April - you can pre-save it on your favorite streaming service and I'm willing to bet the band would appreciate it.  

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