24 March 2023

24 March 2023 - The East Pointers - Save Your Lonely

For those who haven't been here for a while, you might not have heard of The East Pointers, 2017 Juno Award winners and 2023 nominees, and Canadian treasures.  

We last posted about this great folk group in 2021, during our first #MapleLeafMarch.  Since then, there has been huge changes for the greatest folk group to ever come out of Prince Edward Island - and unfortunately, the biggest one isn't positive.  

Founding member Koady Chaisson passed away in January 2022, while the group was working on their latest EP, House of Dreams.  Koady did work on all seven songs on the EP before he passed, which means his music and his image live on in this song and video.  

As of this writing, we have heard that the band is going to continue as a duo, and we hope they do for years to come - because they're making wonderful, award-worthy music. 

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