08 July 2021

8 July 2021 - Metric - Black Sheep

In 2010, the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was released.  With it came a pretty epic soundtrack.  At the center of the film was a song called was "Black Sheep", by Toronto band Metric.  This wasn't a new song of theirs - they had performed it live for years.  The song, belted by Metric lead vocalist Emily Haines, was included on the soundtrack.

Here is the original version from the soundtrack.  It's a great song in its own right.

This live performance of what is possibly their best known song from 2015 is absolutely amazing.  Right?

If you have seen the movie, you know where this post is about to go.  

You see, Emily Haines didn't sing the song in the movie.  The song in the movie was performed by fictional band Clash at Demonhead - who were admittedly based on Metric - fronted by Envy Adams, who was played by real-life actress who can sing and future Captain Marvel, Brie Larson.

In 2010, Metric insisted that the original version, with Haines on vocal, be included on the soundtrack.  As they should.  It's their song.  However, this made a lot of fans of the movie - and the Brie Larson vocal - very unhappy.  

Fast forward to December 24, 2020.  After much fan encouragement, Brie Larson released this video on her YouTube channel...  I won't make you sit through the first 6 1/2 minutes....

Also, yes, those are sheep on her sweater..

Finally, in June 2021, Metric released the song as a single, accompanying an extended version of the film's soundtrack.  There was much rejoicing and something of a resurgence in interest in the movie.... and it's still on the US Rock charts as I write this.  

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