26 July 2021

26 July 2021 - Limp Bizkit - Nookie

For about 20 minutes in the 1990s, Fred Durst was everywhere.   This song, released in 1999, vaulted hs band, Limp Bizkit, into superstardom (they were already moderately known), and was a big rock radio hit with some pop radio crossover.

This is despite some of the most abysmal reviews in history.  

The song was a bitter breakup song, dealing with a rough relationship that Durst had with a recent ex.  

If you were were not aware, also in 1999, Limp Bizkit played Woodstock 1999, where a riot broke out during and after their performance.  This was not the song that incited that riot, but Fred Durst and the rest of the band were wanted for and in fact arrested for inciting that riot with their words and actions, when he told people to keep breaking stuff.   

But this performance does show their energy.  Also, no one was breaking stuff at this point. 

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