30 July 2021

30 July 2021 - Basia - New Day for You

In the late 1980s, Basia Trzetrzelewska was the hottest thing on adult contemporary radio, thanks largely to the rise of VH1 in that period.  What a lot of people in the US audience DON'T know is that Basia was previous vocalist for a popular UK jazz band called Matt Bianco.  She left that group not acrimoniously, but to pursue the very solo career that would define her internationally. 

This song, a top 5 AC hit in the US, was also a huge rallying song as apartheid was ending in South Africa.  Basia's style has been described as a mix between samba, bossa nova, and jazz, and you can hear that shine through here.  She has a three-octave range that is tested in this vocal exercise.   

The video above, for the worldwide audience, shows how comfortable Basia is with a band.  However, US music marketing dictates that a female vocalist must be the focus of ANY music video.  Also, a wind machine is required by US Code.  Look it up.  It's true.  

So, her record label commissioned a new video for the US market.  

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