08 June 2021

8 June 2021 - Mandy Moore - Candy

On this very blog, in 2012, my friend and former co-author Scott Colvin posted a surprising XTC cover as performed by Mandy Moore.  This song was actually one of the catalysts that sparked our OTHER blog, Totally Covered, but we didn't have that back then, so this is where he put it.  

My immediate internal reaction when I saw that was, "you mean that girl who sang 'Candy'?"

There is a large subset of you reading this who are a little surprised that the mom from This Is Us was not only a pop star - at 15! - but a peer of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera who was actually making the same kind of music.  And she was mentioned in the same breath as those huge stars, because her music was that catchy, and her voice was that strong - and still is.

So, big TV star Mandy Moore, who does XTC covers and classy folk-pop music now..... you might think she'd be embarrassed by this song now..... right?


I've got to be honest.  When I started writing this, I expected to find an old performance of this song from year 2000 late night television - and I found a LOT of those.  I didn't expect to find this. This incredibly solid performance that brings a fair bit more soul to the song is from February 2020.  

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