03 June 2021

3 June 2021 - Tracy Bonham - Mother Mother

We posted about Tracy Bonham on this blog almost nine years ago.  It i incredible to me that I am still writing this so far in the future from that.  

We referred to the fact that she was a one hit wonder.  This was that hit.  In reality, she had a 2nd hit - which I will post another day.  This was by far her biggest one, however, and for good reason - it takes a completely relatable story of a girl who has moved out of her mother's house and is trying to reassure mom that EVERYTHING'S FINE, even though it isn't.

This video, which got a lot of MTV airplay, features Tracy's actual mother on vacuum.

This version of the video was made for VH1, which had an audience that skewed older and more family-friendly.  I guess trying on clothes in a closet mutes the primal scream that EVERYTHING'S FINE. 

The VH1 video makes it a little clear, but this live performance makes it more abundantly clear that Tracy is playing a fiddle, and uses it to convey a tone shift and to punctuate the fact that EVERYTHING'S FINE.  

I miss you.

I love you.

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