25 June 2021

25 June 2021 - ABBA - Waterloo

Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus were looking to become better known songwriters.  Sure, they were known in Sweden, but not much outside.  So, how does a European group get attention for their songwriting?

Easy.  Enter the Eurovision Song Contest.  

Which this song won in 1974, as Sweden's entry.  And, it won handily.  

This single was the first credited to the group as ABBA, is is likely the only song ever to compare a relationship to a Napoleonic battle.  Usually, a song like this i.e. one that wins Eurovision isn't all that popular outside of Europe, but this song was different, igniting their fame worldwide.  

It is widely considered to be the greatest song to come out of a Eurovision competition.  

Of course, in order to QUALIFY for Eurovision, they had to perform the song for Sweden.  Which they did, at Melodifestivalen, a Swedish music festival for the purpose of picking the Eurovision competitor.  You might notice this version is a little different.  

By the way, lest you think I'm kidding about this Eurovision stuff, here are ABBA, watching the results come in, followed by them performing the song as winners.

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