11 June 2021

11 June 2021 - Kesha ft. 3OH!3 - Blah Blah Blah

I feel like this blog has grown up with Kesha.  Our 3rd ever post - and my 2nd - was a Kesha song..... back when she was Ke-Dollar Sign-Ha.

This song, her second single, was a top 10 hit, but mostly off digital download, as it was a bit of an explicit song - "just turn around boy, and let me hit that" - and GOD FORBID a woman be as explicit as the men. 

Kesha herself co-wrote the song, as she has done with most of her music.  Her performance overshadowed any participation by 3OH!3 (whose Sean Foreman was also a co-writer), who had their biggest hit with this song as well.  

We know that, since these songs came out, that Kesha has had some troubles and some tribulations, which we have discussed extensively in other posts.  Because of all that, we're also still happy to have these songs and happy that Kesha is still making music.

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