09 February 2012

9 February 2012 - Leighton Meester feat. Robin Thicke - Somebody To Love

So, I am sure you are all getting over the shock that a song by Blair Waldorf and Alan Thicke's kid has made this blog.  But hear me out.

This song is never going to be a Grammy contender.  Leighton Meester has a recording career not because she can - she can, but that's not the reason - but because she's on Gossip Girl - itself a guilty pleasure of mine (and not badly acted).  Whether or not she can sing, this song doesn't stretch her talents all that much.  The video is more about what Universal Music is trying to sell when it comes to Ms. Meester.

Robin Thicke is a decent vocalist.  He's got quite the vocal range.  Sure, every song of his pretty much sounds like any other cheesy come-on he's sung in the past - and this isn't the last time you'll hear from him on this blog, by the way.  This song - at least, his part of it - fits right into that genre.

Somehow, these two vocals together just work in this song.  I don't understand why.  But it's a fun song with a fun beat, and I refuse to apologize for including it here.

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