10 February 2012

10 February 2012 - Warrant - Down Boys

So in an act of guilty pleasureness I saw Warrant play a free show in Virginia Beach a few years ago. To say it was a car crash is putting it very mildly. Singer Jani Lane was wasted beyond belief. On two separate occasions he insisted that a roadie strap an acoustic guitar around his shoulder. He would start to strum and then mumble something like "I don't know how to play this FN' thing" and then put it down. TWICE. I felt bad for the guys in the band as they sounded great. Lane, meanwhile, struggled to remember the words to fan favorite Cherry Pie. Days later, Lane would be kicked out of the band for the last time and two years later he died of alcohol poisoning at a Comfort Inn. A sad end to a once promising musician. But let's forget all of that and remember when Lane and Warrant was at the top of their game.

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