12 February 2012

12 February 2012 - Adele - Chasing Pavements and that other song (Special Grammy Edition)

In 2009, Adele won the Best New Artist Grammy, largely on the strength of this powerful song.  Then, she was forgotten for a couple of years.  That's pretty typical of a Best New Artist.  48 of the last 50 Best New Artists have not gone on to ever with Record, Song, or Album of the Year.  Norah Jones and Natalie Cole, by the way, are the two notable exceptions.

I first heard this song when she performed it at the 2009 Grammy awards, and I was instantly hooked.  What a powerful voice!

I'm not going to say that Adele will be breaking that so-called curse, but she is nominated for all three awards at tonight's Grammys.  And there was this little ditty that I am sure none of you have ever heard....

In all honesty, I was such a huge fan of "Chasing Pavements" - and all of Adele's 1st album - that I had a lot of trouble accepting Adele as a big hitmaker.  And although there are some gems on it - like this song - I still say 19 is a better album than 21.  Having said that, in 2011, 21 sold three times more units than any other album, worldwide AND in the US, and 19 was the 7th best selling worldwide, so others are discovering her first album, too.


  1. SO, SO, SO freaking proud of her. What a monster night at the Grammys. I love both albums equally.

    BTW, just caught up with the Grammy winners and RIDICULOUSLY PROUD of The Civil Wars for winning 2 (best country duo and best folk album). Saw them twice this year (met them at the second show...two of the nicest people in the biz).

  2. I like 19 better than 21, but they are both excellent. I do think that Katy Perry deserved Record of the Year (Firework), but I, too, am proud of Adele. Great success story.

    I had never heard The Civil Wars until the Grammys. They gave the best performance of the night, by far. Foster the People - not so good.