17 February 2012

16 February 2012 - Kelis - Milkshake

Perhaps the most clever song ever written about boobs in the first person.  Kelis took a classic theme, and put an interesting spin on it, with a little help from The Neptunes. I thought it was an awful song when I first heard it.  It was sexist, even though a woman was singing it.   It was a cheap chuckle.  That's all it was.

But I changed my mind.  First of all, Kelis really sells the song with a clever analogy.  She has a very sultry voice. The song itself is really sparse, featuring her vocal abilities well.  And she does offer to teach her tricks, even if she has to charge.

What really sold me on the song was Kelis performing it on Saturday Night Live.  Truth be told, it showed me how serious a song this little ditty about Kelis's boob shaking really was.  She put on a terrific performance - one of the best SNL performances I have ever seen.  Because I care, I have brought this performance to you.  Enjoy! (Update: 18 December 2020) Replaced with a performance on Carson Daly's show that was just as good, if not better.

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  1. TRUE STORY...Used to work in the office in DC for almost 10 years. You'd see the same people at the elevator every day (especially when they are on the same floor and leave at the same time). This dude (about my age) would never say hi or even acknowledge the "head nod." Complete dickhead. What was funny, is the dude didn't come across as one of the "cool kids." Anyway, we're in the elevator one day and all of a sudden Milkshake starts playing. Yeah, it was his ringtone. I couldn't start laughing. He started using the other set of escalators the next day (and until I left that job).