23 May 2023

23 May 2023 - Obie Trice ft.Eminem - Rap Name

Yep, the song that Eminem uses as an intro to "Without Me" is a real song, by a real guy signed to his real record label with a real name of Obie Trice.  

No gimmicks.

Discovered in his hometown Detroit by rap collective D12, they brought him to fellow Detroit native son Marshall Mathers - initals M and M (just say that out loud if you don't get it) - who signed him to Shady Records.

This song, Obie Trice's debut, appeared on the soundtrack to the movie 8 Mile.  I guess that's a pretty good introduction to the world - an Oscar nominated movie, of course. He had a good career, and does still make music, but legal issues of late have gotten in the way of more output - his latest single was released in 2019.

Still, we've got "Rap Name" and it's a pretty excellent song in the freestyle rap style.  

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