19 May 2023

19 May 2023 - Rêve - CTRL + ALT + DEL

An artist from Montreal with a non-English letter in her first name, which is really a stage name?  With whom we've passed into the "overposting" area?

No, not that one.  This is only the 3rd Rêve post we've pulled out here.  And the first one outside of March.  Mostly, this is because we didn't have anything written for today and we stole a post from next March - but also, this song is in our heavy rotation right now.   

This one.  Without listening to the song, I would think this was a tribute to the classic three-finger salute used to restart a PC.  The song, co-written by Rêve with Banx & Ranx, uses that as a metaphor for ignoring the drama that can come with going to the club. On the surface, it might sound a little like a mean girl song, but the reality is, it's about having fun and keeping the negativity away.

It may have been more mean girl-y if not for the great delivery of the 2023 Juno Award winning Rêve, who combines a pretty great repetitive bass with a beat that the kids love to dance to with a shockingly huge voice.

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