22 May 2023

22 May 2023 - Art of Noise - Close (To The Edit)

I remember the first time I saw this video on MTV and wondered to myself "what the hell am I watching?"

The answer is, I was watching an avant-garde group remix their previous single, "Beat Box", and throw some various Yes and Andrews Sisters samples in there.   What came out the other side was a interesting piece of music unlike anything anyone had ever seen prior.  I can honestly say this song and this video shaped a lot of my musical tastes for decades to come.

That unusual metallic sound you hear repeatedly in the song is the sound of a Volkswagen Golf, restarting.  That's not a joke or a typo.  It's really a car restarting, and poorly.  

This was the first of three videos made of the song, and has been described as a young girl in punk garb hanging out with Huey Lewis and the News in an abandoned train yard destroying musical instruments.  

So, this isn't the type of song you expect to see performed live.   And, yet, it has been.  Many times.  This particular performance was from a 2004 benefit concert in tribute to musician, producer and songwriter (who was credited on this track because of the Yes samples) Trevor Horn - and was performed by Anne Dudley (credited as Art of Noise, even though her bandmates did not perform), Trevor Horn and members of his band, The Buggles.  It is fantastic.

Here's a more contemporary performance featuring the full band actually showing their faces (something they did not tend to do) for the most part.  This performance is from 1986..

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