23 July 2013

23 July 2013 - Hunter Hayes - I Want Crazy

Quite frankly I've been all over the map when it comes to super-talented country singer/songwriter Hunter Hayes. I really liked the 21-year-old's first single, the up-tempo and clever Storm Warning, but quickly turned on him with the boyband-worthy ballad Wanted (his first No. 1...of course). By the time his third single Somebody's Heartbreak came out I was ambivalent at first, but started to lighten up to the point where I actually kind of like it. As I said, the kid is super-talented. He plays a ton of instruments and writes his own music so I can see the potential, even when I don't like every song.

That brings us to the most recent single, I Want Crazy. Damn. This song is ridiculously catchy due in part to great lyrics co-penned by the magnificent Lori McKenna and the rolling mandolin playing throughout the song. Oh, and I really like this video too.

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