15 July 2013

15 July 2013 - Karmin - Acapella

It isn't on iTunes until tomorrow.  It's here today.

And c'mon.  You know I love them.  I've proven my love for them.  Time and again.

We won't even talk about the covers.  So many covers.  So, so many covers!

More than any other previous Karmin song, "Acapella" is really the Amy Heidemann show, at least on the surface.  But listen again.  The song is not QUITE a capella.  But it isn't far from that (and yes, Nick Noonan's voice is a lot of the backing instruments, so it's closer than it sounds).  The video itself, a tribute to the primary colors, is stunningly beautiful.

So, enjoy this, enjoy their new album out next month, and maybe go to iTunes and show them a little love tomorrow.

Here's a bonus.  An acoustic version of a song CALLED "Acapella".   I'm sorry.  I like the irony.

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