17 July 2013

17 July 2013 - Imperial Teen - You're One / Yoo Hoo / Shim Sham

I know what 90% of you are thinking.   Who the hell is Imperial Teen? And why the hell are they a guilty pleasure?

Imperial Teen is a veritable supergroup, featuring members of The Wrecks, Sister Double Happiness, and Faith No More.  They're all multiinstrumental (frequently switching instruments mid-show) and they all sing, making four part boy/girl harmonies possible.  

Take this first song, their first single (which MTV mistitled).  A song about Kurt Cobain, written in the wake of his death.  Notice how three of the four members are singing (Lynn Truell stick to drums in this case), making for a beautiful, densely-layered song.

This next song, from the Jawbreaker soundtrack and featuring a video starring Rose McGowan, showcases a four-part harmony and a different sound.  The breathy backing adds almost another instrument and definitely another dimension to a maturing band.

A little more recently, we have the four part harmonies going.... but with the previously silent Lynn Truell on lead.  This song, one of my favorites by any band, is a bit nosier than the prior ones.  Which might be why I like these guys so much - they're so versatile, and still sound like themselves.  And they're not afraid to grow.

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