08 April 2013

8 April 2013 - Queens of the Stone Age - 3's and 7's

I never thought a video game would introduce me to a song, let alone one that would become a fast favorite.  But that's exactly what Guitar Hero did.

I was familiar with, and even liked, Queens of the Stone Age prior to owning Guitar Hero.  Somehow, I had missed out on this song.  And there it was, in the game.  The song is a fantastic straight-ahead driving rock song - a little bit of a throwback to an older era, but still with a modern sound.

What pushes this song over the top into Wicked Guilty Pleasure is this video, an homage - parody? - of 70's grindhouse chicksploitation movies.  Brilliantly done, complete with the guy with a hook for a hand! Oh, and the buckets of fake blood.

And yes, I checked.  The actors seem to be  properly credited in the video.

By the way, an uncensored version of this video exists.  I didn't post it, because I could not embed it, but here it is, if you want to see it.

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