24 April 2013

24 April 2013 - Veruca Salt - Number One Blind, Seether, All Hail Me, Seether, & Spiderman '79

Veruca Salt are the worst band I have ever seen live.  They were drunk... or high.... or something.  They were out of tune and bored.

For example, this song, a hard-driving catchy slow jam.... full of energy and feeling in the video.... all sorts of angst..... completely emotionless live.

And still, this song, a straight-ahead rock song that got pigeonholed as "alternative" in the mid-90's,  didn't suck.  Even a terrible live band, or at least one having an off day, could not screw up the high energy and excitement of this song.

Disappointingly, they also failed me on this song, which was flat.  Pity - the song is a throwback to the light metal of the 80's, and is just as full of energy as their biggest hit.

Ultimately, I think it was just that show.  Here, they were really really good live. They reinterpreted "Seether" but it still kept the emotion and energy.

And here is my favorite song of theirs, again live.  And again, good here.  Just not when I saw them.

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