05 April 2013

5 April 2013 - Kelly Willis - I Don't Want To Love You (But I Do) & River Of Love

I wasn't in the mood for anything truly guilty today, although, as far as this artist goes, these are about as guilty as they get.

I saw Kelly Willis at the Iron Horse Cafe in 1991.  I went with my mother.  Don't judge.  It's the only time I ever sat in the balcony there.  By the way, no better place to see live music.  She was touring in support of her 2nd album, Bang Bang, which was  not a bad album - at all - but her weakest, in my personal opinion.  Her record label, MCA, didn't really market her well.

Anyway, this song was from her 1st album - this performance is from Austin City Limits.  She very clearly states that this is her favorite song to perform.  Having seen the song performed live, I can testify to the fact that she does, indeed, enjoy performing this song, and it shows.

This song, also from her first album - Well-Traveled Love, which qualifies as my favorite country album of all time - wasn't exactly as much fun to perform, I imagine.  It's beautifully sung and performed - by now, you all know I'm a sucker for a lapsteel.  Lyrically, the song - written by the great Paul Kennerley - speaks to a subject matter we all know well - falling for the wrong person.  Kelly was married to her drummer at the time.... she divorced him the next year, so her rendition of the song was.... well, poignant.

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