17 September 2012

17 September 2012 - Whale - Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe

I don't think any video has ever screamed Wicked Guilty Pleasure more than this one.  Young woman with braces and a lollypop in a short dress jumping up in the air to show off her underpants? Check. Angry looking man in a dress?  Check. Gratuitous shirtless men?  Check. Seemingly random video location - in a quarry? Check. Lyrics that exhibit only a passing fluency in English?  Check.

Swedish band Whale released this song a whole year ahead of their debut album, and the video was a doozy.  The sound was both poppy and grungy, making for an infectious combination and an unforgettable song, even without the video.

By the way, Cia Berg, the lead vocalist/young woman in question, was in her early 30s when this video was filmed.  She just looked young, thanks to good genes.  And braces.

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