09 January 2012

9 January 2012 - Selena Gomez and The Scene - Love You Like A Love Song

This was not my intended posted song for today - it was a different one that will come out at a later date.  Instead, I chose this one, in tribute to the finale last week of The Wizards of Waverly Place, which starred Selena Gomez. Long-time readers of my blogs know that this isn't the first time I've featured Selena Gomez. Here, this Disney star goes a little more grown-up in a over-the-top video with a song that really isn't innocent enough to be sung by Justin Bieber's girlfriend. Still, it's got a nice beat, and I can dance to it. And, with this video, you can sing along, too!

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  1. I feel that I should add that I have two daughters, both of whom are huge fans of Ms. Gomez and her music. Otherwise, I'd not know who she was.

    Who am I kidding? Yes, I would.