24 January 2012

24 January 2012 - SSQ - Synthicide

Stacey Swain joined the band Q as a lead vocalist, and they took her initials as a return favor.  Then, of course, she sort of took off on a solo career - in the same way that Gloria Estefan was still the lead vocalist of Miami Sound Machine, even though they stopped getting credited - and took the original name with her.

So, yes, this is Stacey Q before she was Stacey Q.  Although I very much enjoyed Stacey Q - she keeps trying to make comebacks that don't go so well for her - I enjoy Jon St. James's harder edged keyboard sound here. That's right.  I was enough of a fan to know the names of the band members.

If you have Spotify, we now have The Official Wicked Guilty Pleasure Blog Playlist. You'll find a Stacey Q version of this song there - rerecorded after SSQ was done in name - as well as almost every song Scott and I have posted thus far.

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