28 January 2012

28 January 2012 - Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle/Genie 2.0/Genio Atrapado

I remember when Christina Aguilera first hit the scene.... well, I remember when she first hit the scene after doing the Mulan theme, which isn't the time I am remembering.  She was a fresh new pop star with a big voice, who everyone was comparing to Britney Spears.  They were both young blondes who were alumni of the Mickey Mouse Club.

Christina, however, had a bigger voice.  Much bigger.

And, I remember commenting that, although Britney was the bigger hitmaker at the time, that I thought Christina's career had legs, and we'd still be talking about her a decade later.  Of course, I could not have predicted that Britney would go and shave her head, but I stand by my analysis.

I gained a greater appreciation for this tune a decade later, when it was time for the Greatest Hits album, and Aguilera uncorked this:

What a fantastic, mature reinterpretation of an already clever song! 

(Edit: 16 November 2020)  As we were writing a different post (which we will link here tomorrow and explain why) we discovered the Spanish-language version of this song, released about a year and a half after the original was.  Christina deserves a lot of credit for rerecording the video so her lips matched the song.  It paid off - the woman who DID NOT SPEAK SPANISH before recording this song (she was actively learning the language) ended up with a Spanish language hit. 

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  1. I actually picked up her last record. She's got a great voice (much better than Brit's), not quite sure about the music/production. Granted, it's not music geared for me. Good choice though for WGP.