07 January 2022

7 January 2022 - Paramore - Misery Business

I didn't want to let the day go by without acknowledging this.

You might have noticed in my last post, about an hour ago, that I included a songwriting credit.  All I have to say that, if you noticed that, good 4 u.  

Yes, Hayley Williams and Josh Farro from Paramore got a songwriting credit on Olivia Rodrigo's song because Olivia Rodrigo interpolated the chorus of "Misery Business" into "good 4 u".  The two songs are distinct enough that there isn't overt stealing - but the right thing was done by giving the songwriting credit to Williams and Farro.  

The lyrics of THIS song were written by Williams, about Farro, on whom she had a crush.  

If you still don't hear it....

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